MOFapps were founded in 2013 on the assumption that metal organic frame works are a class of materials, so powerful in their capacity and so versatile in their application that it is a pitty that to date there was practically no industrial application after more than 10 years of research. Materials were apparently up to this point not stable enough, not mechanically robust, too expensive and production methods for larger quantities were environmentally unfriendly.
At MOFapps we believe that MOFs can change the world: our individual mobility, the ways we deliver medication, treat wounds, store toxic gas or cool computer servers. What it takes to make this happen is to bring MOF science experts together and create an environment which allows industry partners to define their technical applications. It requires chemical engineering to design MOFs an production processes robust enough for everyday life and the spirit of entrepreneurship to make it all happen.
Today we are proud to partner with institutes and companies who offer environmentally friendly production methods, we have licenses to market and produce a full range of Zirkonium based high performance MOFs (UiO-66 and family) as well as very positive feedback from industrial feasibility tests.